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The fine print: There are no refunds, credits, transfers or IOUs. Emily is not responsible for unattended classes or sessions. If a student or client can not attend a class they may give or sell it to someone else at their discretion but there are no refunds on missed classes, workshops or uncompleted session purchases or expired sessions. Any discounted registration dates or special offers are firm and payment must be received by specified date to receive that price.

Missing Class

There are no refunds, credits, transfers or IOUs for missed classes. If you need to miss class you are welcome to sell or gift your spot to someone else. I am happy to help try and find someone to buy your spot. If you are sending someone in your place please give me a heads up whenever possible so I know to expect them.

Please DO:

  • Be on time. Allow yourself enough time to change/get settled/etc.

  • Feel free to let your self in. No need to knock unless it makes you more comfortable. If you are late please come in and join class.

  • Wear comfortable clothing suited for exercise. Yoga pants/leggings recommended.

  • Let me know if you have injuries or concerns so I can help you modify movements.

  • Be ready to learn and bring your sense of humor. Bodies are amazing but they can also be funny and awkward so we laugh in my classes! It’s good for our abs.

  • Optional: Feel free to bring your own yoga mat for floor exercise and water bottle. I do have enough mats in the studio for everyone and water is always available.

Please do NOT:

  • Bring guests with you if drop ins are not allowed.

  • Wear costumes, big skirts, jingly/noisy belts, or outside shoes. Wearing a skirt with pants underneath is fine if comfortable for you.

  • Disrupt class with chatting/side conversations, phone use, eating, etc. Please be mindful of the others in class and step out into the hall if needed.

  • Do not chew gum in the studio.

  • Judge yourself or others. Learning is a process and the studio is a safe place to learn.

  • Push through pain/injury. If something hurts you please let me know.

Class Policy

  • Class is a respectful environment for everyone. Please observe dance class etiquette when in the studio. Keep talking to a minimum during class and turn phones to a non-disruptive mode. If you must take a call during class, you may excuse yourself and take calls in the dressing room/hall.

  • Students under 18 will need instructor permission plus a release form from parent/guardian.

  • Students must sign a one-time liability and medical release form. Students under 18 must have parent/guardian signature. Please notify instructor(s) if you have any concerns about physical problems, pain or injuries.

  • Students will sign in at the beginning of every class unless otherwise stated. Please plan to take care of payments at the beginning of class..

  • Cash, checks or credit/debit cards accepted at public class. Online registration is always available. You do not need a paypal account to pay by credit or debit card online. Some classes or semi-private events may have advanced payment only as an option.

  • Discounted registration dates are firm and payment must be received by specified date to receive that price.

  • There are no refunds/credits/transfers on classes, class sessions, workshops or other events, or private sessions.

  • Observation of classes is not allowed. Photography and videotaping of classes without permission is not allowed.

  • Please keep personal items in the cubbies in the entryway or against the back/side walls of the studio to keep the floor clear.

  • Personal water/mats are optional but water and mats are both always available at the studio.

What to Expect

Please plan to come a few minutes early to get settled in so we can start on time. Fitness classes start with mobility drills to get our joints moving and waking up our bodies. We’ll progress into a full body warm up and core activation before moving on to strength exercises both standing and on the floor, ending with a cool down and stretching. Dance classes usually start with a comprehensive warm up that includes various flexibility, strength and dance related exercises. Movement drills, learning combinations, moving across the floor and working in groups are all common types of dance instruction and classes end with a cool down and stretch session. Class material will be appropriate for the level of the students and the subject matter being taught. Students are encouraged to modify any movements if needed and ask questions. 

What to Wear

Comfortable, dance appropriate clothes are a must. Dance or yoga pants and tank tops, sports bras or fitted tops are appropriate. Work out or dance clothes are recommended for mobility and body visibility. Hip scarves or belts are optional but please no loud jingles or beads. Showing the belly is totally optional. Bare feet or dance shoes only in the dance studio, please leave street shoes in the dressing area.