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Mini Series Workshop Classes

  • Emily's Home Studio Ashland, Oregon 97520 (map)
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Mini Series 1 Hour Workshops

Wednesdays 7-8pm
Fridays 11:00am-12pm
August 22 - December 21

Mix & match as many as you want! Single classes available or sign up for all of them




A-Z Workout: Get a full body workout from top to toes! Full body strength, HIIT, balance, tone and muscle building. Like having your own personal trainer in a group. Friday: 11/9

Balance & Stabilize: Work on your stability and balance with a variety of exercises and positions. We'll get a little nerdy and we'll do plenty of movement too!

Booty Rockin': Killer butt work out to turn the glutes up to 11! You will get an amazing butt workout. Then we'll use them for booty pops, bounces and fun booty dance moves to get our cardio. This will be a fun, high energy class.

Booty Werk: Killer butt workout with a slow burn for extra toning. Then we'll wine, grind, bounce and pop with a mix of fast and slow booty dance moves for extra cardio. This will be a fun mixed pace class with fast & slow moves. SOLD OUT

Choreography: Learn a choreography! Specific dance TBA. SOLD OUT

Cymbal Drills: Starting with the basics we'll build up to a repertoire of bellydance cymbal patterns that can be played together while we move and dance. You’re also welcome to just work on cymbals with no movement depending on experience level.

Home Workout Plan: We'll talk about our goals with exercise and based on that we'll learn a customized and easy to do but effective workout you can do any time with no equipment.
Friday: 12/21

Pre-Holiday Dance Party Workout! Holidays can be overwhelming and the winter can encourage us to sink into the couch and stay there. Get up and work off those winter blues and holiday stress. This class is part strength work out, part cardio, part dance, part spa and part nightclub party! Friday: 12/14

Shoulder Rehab: All about that upper body! We’ll work the arms, back and shoulders. We'll work on strength, range of motion, stretching, toning and learn why your shoulders hurt and what to do about it. You will leave with happier shoulders and tools to keep them that way. Friday: 12/7

Stretch it out: Full body flexibility and stretch session! We will stretch everything and discuss how to work into those extra tight spots. Stretch. It. All. Out!
Friday: 10/12

Wednesday Schedule: 7-8pm
August 22 . Shoulder Rehab Intensive
(2 hours 6-8pm, counts as two classes)
August 29 . A-Z Workout
September 5 . Booty Werk
September 19 . Stretch It Out
October 10 . A-Z Workout
October 17 . Balance & Stabilize
November 7 . Booty Rockin’
November 14 . A-Z Workout
November 28 . Cymbal Drills
December 12 . Home Workout Plan
December 19 . Pre-Holiday Dance Party Workout!

Fri schedule: 11am-12pm
August 31 . Booty Werk
October 12 . Stretch It Out
October 19 . A-Z Workout
October 26 . Choreography
November 9 . A-Z Workout
November 16 . Booty Rockin’
December 7 . Shoulder Rehab
December 14 . Pre-Holiday Dance Party Workout!
December 21 . Home Workout Plan


Please note that the classes can't be mixed & matched but you're welcome to sign up for more multiple class sessions or season passes at the same time. A minimum of 4 students are needed per month or a class is subject to be canceled, refunds will be sent in the event that a class is canceled. Class registration is first come, first served online with 5 people maximum per class. No drop ins or saved spots. Absolutely no refunds, credits, transfers or pro-rating on missed classes. Students may give away/sell classes they can not attend at their own discretion. Students are responsible for any communications and money exchange resulting from selling a class. Please join the private class group Emily Alrick Dance & Fitness on Facebook to post about selling/giving/trading classes or if you are interested in being on the drop in list to sub for other students. Emily can not guarantee a sub for missed classes. After you purchase your class an email will be sent to the email you entered at checkout to confirm class purchase and provide additional class info. Signing a current release form is necessary to attend class.