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Check Me Out! Personal Assessment

  • Emily's Home Studio Ashland OR 97520 (map)

Check Me Out! Personal Assessment Session
Private one on one . Check out and contact Emily to schedule

Personal Assessment Session
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This session provides you with the benefit of a trainer that you can apply to your own practice.

Do you want to see what this is all about before committing to a package? Prefer a class setting but want the feedback a personal trainer can provide? Do you question if you’re doing things correctly or wonder how to make your workout more effective? Do you wonder how to step up or step down a certain movement to fit your body and challenge level? This is for you!

Get personalized feedback on exercises, hands on guidance, get your questions answered, get the information you need to make your workout better for you whether you’re exercising on your own or in a class.

Do you want to continue with private sessions? If you book a Check Me Out session you can apply the cost to any private session package! All terms and expirations apply from original purchase date.

FULL SESSION: We’ll go more in depth with things like posture, engaged core, squats, and shoulder stabilization plus any movements you want to know about. This is the best session to choose if you’d like to come away with a deeper understanding of your body, including personalized modifications to any exercises.

TO BOOK A SESSION: Check out. Contact Emily to schedule your session.

Emily's home studio in Ashland (address sent after registration)

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MORE INFO: The personal assessment is not a workout or training session. Though you may end up feeling worked or sore, the goal is to go over form and execution of common positions and exercises to keep you as safe, healthy and strong as possible. You are welcome to bring in exercises or movements specific to your needs. Other exercises we’ll go over include hip hinging and squats, abdominal and core exercises, scapular control, posture and core depending on personal needs. Please wear workout clothing. Mats are available or you may bring your own. Water is always available if needed.

CLASS POLICIES: Please note that the classes can't be mixed & matched but you're welcome to sign up for more multiple classes at the same time. A maximum of 1 students are allowed at this session unless discussed in advance. This class can not be combined with private packages or the Committed Session. No drop ins or saved spots without registration. Absolutely no refunds, credits, transfers or pro-rating on missed classes. Students may give away/sell classes they can not attend at their own discretion. Please join the private class group Emily Alrick Dance & Fitness on Facebook to post about selling/giving/trading classes or if you are interested in being on the drop in list to sub for other students. Emily can not guarantee a sub for missed classes. After you purchase your class an email will be sent to your paypal email address to confirm class purchase and provide additional class info. Signing a release form is necessary to attend class.