Scott Belding Photography

Scott Belding Photography

Emily's classes were my first real introduction to dance and have impacted my life so much. The discipline, conditioning, intensity, creativity, groundedness and humor that make her classes so wonderful have stayed with me as an attitude I have come to adopt and a way of life. I love that she makes dance so accessible especially to those of us who are more insecure and self-conscious but also make it clear that there are no excuses not to kick butt!! It's wonderful, and I carry that with me even now as I explore other forms of dance. Emily has set a precedent and I feel I cannot go wrong as long as I remember the values she taught.

Laurie Luther, student

Emily Alrick is a consummate professional, and one of my favorite belllydance artists in the business. Her dedication and passion for her chosen artform shines through in both her performance and instruction. I've hosted Emily for many various events over the years, and she has always arrived with the same extraordinarily high level of preparation and presence regardless of how large or small the occasion. Her continuing efforts to evolve and grow in her art are inspiring, causing her to be one of the most expertly-varied bellydance artists out there. She is able to teach, perform and expertly fuse a dizzying plethora of topics and styles. Emily is one of those truly professional dance artists whom I know will always be quick and clear with communication, very agreeable to work with, adaptable to any event requests, and show up and give 110%. 

Elise Morris, Executive Producer/Creative Director, JamBallah NW Festival

Southern Oregon dancers are among the luckiest because we have Emily Alrick as an instructor and performer. She delivers real conditioning and real technique training geared for dancers who dare to learn. Emily’s classes feel wonderful, with strengthening exercises and luxurious stretches designed for belly dancers’ bodies. Her drills are effective in allowing each dancer to meld with each movement, refining each technique, extending each isolation. Emily is organized and clear in her teaching, as well as patient with questions. She is also a well-rounded, educated dancer with anatomical knowledge and knowledge of the Middle Eastern culture and music from which belly dance originated.

Idena Suzanne,

The Curtain Climbers Aerial Dance Company have had the pleasure of collaborating with Emily Alrick and her dancers on many occasions since 2008, performing together at various events at the Historic Ashland Armory, The Black Sheep Pub & Restaurant, and Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s Green Show.  We adore working with Emily and her graceful dance choreography.  She is a true professional, has a great sense of style, a rich understanding of the performer/audience relationship, and a wonderful sense of  comedic timing.  In addition, her costuming and makeup skills are incredible!  We always look forward to a performance with Emily, as many smiles and much laughter is enjoyed by all. 

Susan Chester, Director, The Curtain Climbers Aerial Dance Company  

Emily Alrick is a powerful, incredible, technically sound dancer and teacher. She is driven by a thirst to learn everything related to movement and Middle Eastern dance, which has lead her to a highly educated and aesthetically electrifying personal style that both honors the cultural roots of belly dance and evolves the art of fusion. These traits radiate off of her, inspiring her students to dig deep and drill hard as we sweat our way into gorgeous choreography and healthy bodies. I can honestly say that I walk out of her classes feeling beautiful, exhausted, educated, inspired, and STRONG. 

Talia Vintzileos,

Emily was a dancer at Beaverton Ten Tiny Dances 2012 and a welcome addition to this beloved community event. She is an exquisite performer who conducts herself with the utmost level of professionalism and grace. Her interactions with the crowd were awe-inspiring and her mastery of bellydance was impeccable. We look forward to working with Emily again in the near future.

 Beaverton Arts Commission, 

Before I found Emily’s bellydance classes I considered myself a “bellydance failure”. Try as I might in the many other classes I had taken, I invariably ended up frustrated with my gangly awkwardness when attempting the serpentine mystery that is bellydance. When at last I found Emily’s classes, I was astounded that at the end of my very first class I actually felt and looked like I was beginning to truly bellydance. Emily’s ability to break down bellydance into it’s most basic foundation and guide students step by step into complexity made it accessible to me for the first time, and for that I am truly grateful. I now have concrete tools to continue to cultivate the form, flow, and juiciness I’ve yearned for through bellydance. Emily’s approach to teaching is one of gentility, grace, humor and just the right amount of fierce discipline. She can often be a kindhearted drill sergeant that cracks a joke just as you’re sure your quads are going to give out. She’ll give corrections to make you train your body correctly and safely, and is the first to say “good job” when you really get it. Emily’s absolute passion for every aspect of bellydance comes through clearly in her teaching and it’s infectious. My own passion for bellydance has been ignited from hers. For everyone that has ever yearned to bellydance, I highly recommend Emily’s classes. 

 Julia P., student 

Emily Alrick has performed at The Black Sheep’s monthly ‘First Friday Performance Art Show’ for many years and has a solid following of fans who adore her.  She wows the crowd consistently with her elegant movement and creative costumes, and her beautiful nature shines through her dance, dazzling her audience of all ages, to their great delight.  Her professional manners make her a delight to work with on a business level – she is dependable, easy to communicate with and brings her best performance each and every time.  She is a true treasure to our community.

Susan Chester, Proprietor, The Black Sheep Pub & Restaurant

I have had the great pleasure of working with Emily as her photographer and ARTner. We have been able to create some really noteworthy art. This has happened because she has that rare ability to completely become the character we are shooting. She is egoless and completely authentic in her work. Emily has had a profound impact on my career as a dance photographer! Her photos continue to hang in many of my shows.

Scott Belding,

I have performed with Emily on a number of occasions, and they are always memorable and among my favorite sets.  She brings a lovely balance of technique and passion, two things which some people just cant seem to find the right balance for. Also, as a musician, I always am much more involved in the performance if I really get the sense that the dancer is actually really responding to the music we are making and not just moving through a series of moves that could be used for just about any music. That strong connection between musician and dancer is what, for me, makes a dance performance powerful and truly a creative collaboration. Emily always makes that connection. 

                                           Doug Shafer, Musician

Fun, empowering, educational, a study in sensual movement, and one of the best workouts I've ever had!

Kat DeCayette, Student