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I had stopped exercising completely. My posture was terrible, I had pain in some of my joints and every part of me felt asleep, tight and knotted. Then a friend asked me if I wanted to do the pear blossom 2 mile run with two weeks to prepare. Not only had I not been exercising – I don’t run. I called Emily and said HELP!! I don’t trust anyone more than her – you know why? Because she’ll try to understand the underlying issues and individual needs for each of her clients and if she doesn’t know she will research until she finds answers. The scary thing about the exercise world is that some people will give you answers without evidence-based research specific to your body. I also trust her because she wants to make you the healthiest, strong, pain-free version of you possible. This isn’t about losing weight, having big muscles or being sexy or a magic pill or shortcut. This is hard work to make you strong for life. I want to hike, bike and run when I’m 80 and I know Emily can help me work towards that. After only 4 private training sessions I’m happy to say I ran the entire 2 miles with 90% more core control and no pain. I have a lot of work to do but those parts of me that need to be worked on are awake now. I can turn my muscles on now so easily because of the exercises Emily walked me through, and the other resources she gave me. In addition to this success I saw results in the mirror simply in the way I was standing. My body feels more supported by its own structure and as a bonus I look stronger. - Mariana S, Private Client

My one on one sessions with Emily really changed my life. Healing from an illness, I needed to get my strength back and Emily was the perfect person to help me! She has a wealth of knowledge and supported me in getting my core strength back. I always left her studio feeling strong, and optimistic. If you want effective training that will shift your body quickly, work with Emily and you will get results! - CF, Private Client and Class Member

Emily Alrick is true joy to work with, extremely knowledgeable and really good at what she does.  From the first moment, there is no judgement about what body type you have, what shape you are in or what your regime has been.  She truly brings total discernment for what would be most supportive of you and your body.  A true body nerd, she is always exploring and investigating better exercises and techniques to support body strength.  Her approach is a fun but very productive and realistic session.  I see her myself and have been referring my students and friends to her for years. - Zahara Solomon - Dance Instructor, Private Client

As I say to my friends, Emily's class is no joke! If you just want to show up once in a while this class is not for you! If you want a complete body transformation, to fine tune and isolate by learning how to organize your body and access each muscle to use individually, take your body to a whole new level and you have the drive to show up and push through when it feels challenging, then this class is for you! Emily's classes are not for the faint of heart. Committing will ensure your body can meet your goals. With that said, I love Emily's classes! I love Emily! She has such a deep wisdom and knowledge about the body. She truly cares about her students and their physical wellbeing. She teaches to watch you grow. Her goal is that you meet your goals. On top of all this yumminess, you also walk out with a new butt and some killer abs! We are so blessed to have such an amazing teacher in our little town. We love you Emily! - PZ, Class Member

So much gratitude for this community of dance and fitness members! Thank you Emily Alrick for the special space you provide for creating a strong body and strong relationship to my movement. I had tears today for having a sense of belonging, freedom to arrive as I am, and to have something of a practice that I look forward to with enthusiasm for each class. What you offer is simple and rich and profound for me, guided by the wisdom and experience of how to care for and connect with my body. You are graceful and gorgeous and such a joy to connect with. You are fun to move with, giggle with and be playful with. I love how you advocate for each person you connect with in small and big ways. Thank you to each woman who arrives to class, co-creating the safety and pleasure to play and be strong together. I was moved to share this with all of you today because it is truly food for my soul. It feels good, and I love having these classes that I look so forward to! - M, Private Client and Class Member

Emily has been one of my greatest inspirations and instructors in my 20+ years journey of dance. She has become a valuable part of my professional dance world, a dear friend, and colleague. Most recently I had 2 days per week of private instruction. So fun! And a great leverage to fulfill my body’s needs and my choreography vision. I truly wish I could take Emily with me everywhere!  - Tenley Wallace - Professional Dancer and Instructor, Private Client

After my first class, my muscles were sore for a week, but that's why I have kept going back. Emily gets at muscles that don't get a lot of attention in other workouts, and I've loved feeling my body get stronger after each class. - SH, Class Member

Epsom salt. You’re going to need it. You will quickly learn there is more than one way to do squats. Initial muscle soreness aside your body will adjust and your body will become stronger. After I was in a MVA I had lingering low back pain. After taking Emily’s class my low back pain became less chronic. I think her classes have helped me make some major positive changes in my body. It’s hard to express the positive effects taking her class has had on mine and my teenage daughter’s lives. Emily is very knowledgeable and compassionate. She is able to successfully teach multiple students at once at different levels of fitness. If you need something more challenging or a modification she will work with you to find the best fit.  - Sugar H., Private Client and Class Member

Working with Emily has been monumental in helping me to feel my health and fitness goals are attainable. With her coaching I have built a super strong core, and lower body and have renewed my self-confidence in my body. When I work out with Emily I feel strong, safe and supported. Her extensive knowledge of the body, and her passion for creating a fun, injury-free environment of fitness, provides the space to challenge myself and to not realize how hard I’m working. She offers creative modifications to accommodate injuries and tailors her ideas to meet individual needs, limitations, and goals. My body feels listened to and supported during my workouts with Emily, and she is an inspiration and pleasure to work with! - M. Hartnell, Private Client

I am truly thankful that I have the opportunity to take classes with Emily.  As I have progressed through the classes she offers I have noticed that I am stronger than ever.  It is wonderful to share the space with other individuals that are looking to be challenged.  Emily has the unique ability to make exercising fun!  She varies the exercises in order to avoid getting tired of a routine and makes it enjoyable. I definitely believe that her assistance has transformed me and made me stronger in my body and as a person. - J, Private Client and Class Member

I love Emily's classes because it combines something that I love: dancing with working out. There's really good music, a group of women that I’ve gotten to know, and a way to learn about my body that is interesting, beautiful and challenging! At the end of the class I feel like I had the best of two worlds. - CC, Class Member

Feeling so grateful tonight for these inspiring classes. I'm so grateful for feeling strong and at home in my body. It is so wonderful to share space working out, being challenged, playing and dancing alongside such a variety of amazing and beautiful and strong women! Thank you Emily for all that you are and how you show up for so many and make it look so graceful and effortless! - MH, Class Member